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Vinatieri wins AFC honor again, Manning and Brady dissed

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The NFL gives the back hand to Colts and Patriots fans.
For the second time this season (and remember, Vinatieri has only played in 4 games) Adam Vinatieri was honored with the AFC Special Teams Player of the Week. Per usual, Patriots fans that claimed the reason New England lost him was that he was hurt, injured, or done were WRONG.

Speaking of the Patriots, it seems every year Pats fans (and some players) pull out the "disrespect card" whenever the Flying Elvii play the Colts. Rodney Harrison is notorious for doing this. He's also notorious for trying to intentionally hurt other players, but that's another issue. This season, I say both the Patriots AND the Colts were dissed.

This week, Larry Johnson was awarded the AFC Offensive Player of the Week. Sorry, but that's bunk! No offense to Chris and the Chiefs fans at Arrowhead Pride, but Larry Johnson was playing against a beat-up Seattle team. He was not playing against the Denver Broncos defense, or throwing for over 370 yards against the Vikings.

Manning and Brady were clearly co-AFC winners of the weekly offense award. The Denver defense was getting billed as the next defense to rival the 1985 Bears. Yes, I know such claims were stupid, but what can you expect from supposed experts like Tom Jackson at ESPN? Manning shredded the Broncos in Denver, throwing for over 340 yards, 3 TDs, no picks, and completing 82% of his passes. On Monday night, Tom Brady spent most of the evening in the shotgun with 5 WRs, carving up the Vikings in Minnesota. He tied a career high with 4 TDs and his passer rating for the game was 115.6.

Yet, they gave the award to Larry Johnson, who had a good game against a beat up defense.

The Colts AND the Patriots have been disrespected, I tell you! Where's Rodney when I need him!