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First loss of the year: Week Eleven

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Well, it took 11 weeks, but the Colts finally lost a game, and on the road no less. Vanderjagt missed two gimme FGs, the Cowboys had some home cooking with the calls, and Indy wasn't able to overcome 4 turnovers.

Oh well.

As far as loses go, this one doesn't sting all that much. Special thanks to everyone for blogging during the game. I, sadly, did not see it live (again, had to work-- don't ask). I also ask Cowboys fans to be civil in your victory. It's one games guys. It's not the Super Bowl, and both Tony Romo (2 TOs, no TDs) and Mike Vanderjagt (2 FG misses) played bad. The Dallas running game was shut down (3.2 yards a carry) and Terrance Newman was knocked into next week by Kelvin Hayden. This was a hard fought, high intensity game, and the Boys just made more plays down the stretch. Despite the turnovers (with one coming on a terrible none-call on Roy Williams) Indy still had a chance. Terrell Owens was pretty much a non-factor, as was Jason Witten.

Bottom line: dumb turnovers did in the Colts, and some bad calls (or non-calls). These are things that don't often happen. Now, everyone will annoint the Cowboys, and forget about the Colts.

Good. Super Bowls aren't won in November.

Full recap is on the way, as well as my tribute to Terry, per our friendly bet. Stay tuned.