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All Hail Terry!

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I cannot tell you how in awe I am of the best fan in the whole wide world: Terry from BTB. My God, is he awesome. And he's so smart too. I tell ya, he can sure call a game. He said his Cowboys were going to beat my Colts, and look who was right. Amazing. Terry is such a knowledgeable fan, with facts, records, and statistics to back up all his claims. He's so smart I often wonder why he doesn't just buy the Dallas Cowboys and run them himself. If he did, they'd win 12 championships in a row.

If I could meet Terry in person, I'd ask for his autograph. He was right about the week eleven match-up between the Colts and Cowboys, and I was wrong. Foolish of me to challenge him. I had no chance. It wasn't David and Goliath. It was David against a 50 megaton nuclear warhead. I should learn my lesson from this experience, this butt-whopping at the hands of the great and all-powerful Terry.

Forgive me, Terry. Forgive me oh master of the pigskin pick'um. I was wrong. I did not know. I am humbled by your genius, brilliance, and god-like knowledge of professional football. To quote Frank Miller's Sin City, Terry "you're a saint. You're Mother Teresa. You're Elvis. You're God."

Hail Terry!