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Recap Week Eleven: Cowboys 21-Colts 14

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It's over! It's all over! Run! Run for your lives! I mean, this is old testament stuff. Real wrath-of-god type stuff. Fire and brimstone coming from the skies. Rivers and seas boiling. 40 years of darkness. Earthquakes. Volcanoes. The dead rising from the grave. Human sacrifice. Dogs and cats, living together. MASS HYSTERIA!

If you couldn't tell, the Colts lost their first game of the 2006 regular season yesterday. It took eleven weeks for a team to finally beat them, and if you venture to certain message boards and blogs, you'll see Colts fans freaking out about the loss.

The Colts can't stop a 3-4 defense.

The Cowboys were physical with Indy's receivers.

Dungy didn't challenge the INT runback.

Manning threw 2 picks.

Marvin fumbled.

All kinds of crazy stuff that just never happens in one game for the Colts. And yet, the Colts had the lead in the fourth quarter, and lost it; something else that hardly ever happens. There were bad calls, bad non-calls (Dallas Clark was clearly interfered with by Roy Williams), and dirty tricks overall (like the stadium crew not displaying the INT runback on the giant screen). But hey, it's all good. The Cowboys had everything go their way, and they barely won at home in a game they had to have.


For all the Chicken Littles running around, screaming that all is lost: you sound like a bunch of New England fans. Take a breath, calm down, and look at Indy's record. Now, look at the rest of the schedule, and remember that championships are not won in November.

For this recap, I thought I'd do something a little different and display some comments from various posters here. There were many positives to take out of this, but I'll let the Colts fans here highlight them:

From bluegirl:

Was a hard fought game all around, but Dallas D was the winner in this one. Peyton had the first pick returned for a touch - first time since 2003 if the announcers were right and one that should have been challenged since the defender was probably down by contact - and Dungy didn't review. (I wonder if he was trying to make the point that officiating relies on replay too much when things are close). Marvin fumbling - first time in 226 receptions. [Jason] David costly us a pick in the endzone with a DUMB penalty since Bethea had cut off the pass (yes Romo was lucky not to have thrown more picks than he did). Cheap pick on goal line after defender knocked down Dallas Clark. And we still had a good chance at the end - NO ONE blows out the Colts.

This team made a season's worth of dumb mistakes in one game. hopefully it is out of their system in the drive to the playoffs now. And this is the easiest loss to swallow - against a NFC rival on the road. Least important when it comes to standings.

From PaytonMenning:
Receivers' bad hands. How often does Marvin bobble a pass? Or Reggie let one slip THROUGH his hands? Answer: Almost never. Marvin and Reggie had rough games all around, and Dallas' D can't really be credited with causing any of it.

And finally, from The Man himself, Terry:
I also want to say I enjoyed my week trash talking with you guys and even though we won, I have to admit that your defense played much better than I thought they would. They are very quick and fast and did a good job containing our running game, especially in the first half.

The Colts have a very good team and it was great game. In my opinion, the team that stands in your way to the SB are the SD Chargers. Beat them, and you should finally make it to the promised land.

Thanks to Terry, Grizz, and all the Cowboys fans who came here to comment and chat. The game was a fine one, and it gives us something to chew on for a while. Despite several missed opportunities and uncharacteristic mistakes, the Colts still had a chance to tie at the end. Oh well. Now, all the focus and attention from media morons slides off Indy and onto other teams, like Dallas and San Diego.

The one element of our team that I feel much better about is the defense. Dallas wanted to cram the ball down Indy's throat, and the Colts stuffed them for a 3.2 yards per carry average. This was done without Bob Sanders, Gary Brackett, and Monte Reagor playing. The Colts need them back healthy, but I like how this unit is developing.

The dumb "undefeated" talk is now over. As fans, we can focus on other things. And for all you Chicken Littles out there, nothing like this happened to the Colts yesterday. Our team is lucky, and we are fortunate.