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Celebration time!

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Folks, it's time to boogie. It's time to party. It's time to pop open the bubbly and kiss the closest person next to you, no matter their sex, age, or animal phylum. No, it is not New Years, VE Day, or even your lame office Holiday Party. Why should we celebrate?

Because the Colts rush defense is no longer ranked last in the league.

Yes, the honor the Colts have carried with them since week one, when Tiki Barber and Brandon Jacobs ran at will on the Indy defense, has now been passed to the glorious St. Louis Rams defense. Even Peyton is pleased.

Well, at least we aren't the suckiest at stoppin' the run.

Another reason to celebrate is Q95 (WFBQ) in Indianapolis reported that Dallas Clark's MRI was negative, but he will get a second one as a precaution to check for any slight ligament tears. He is OUT this Sunday for Tennessee. It seems Dallas might be ok, but he's not out of the woods yet. Still, this is much better news than I thought.

Update [2006-11-29 13:59:4 by BigBlueShoe]:More reason to feel good: Here's an update on Montae Reagor's status from a diary by Payton Menning:

From, Bill Polian's Corner:

"He's doing better. His spirits are good. He even has talked about coming in to watch practice this week. His recovery is slow, as we anticipated it would be. If he can play again this year, it certainly won't be until perhaps until the last game of the season or even until the playoffs. But we're going to keep on holding a spot for him as long as we can until we get some definitive word from the doctors in terms of whether he can come back this year or not. He is progressing, not as fast as he would like, but Mother Nature is mindful of the fact that he had a very difficult situation there."

Thanks for the update, PM.