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Addai makes Simmons look like schmuck

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After his 171 yard, 4 TD performance against the Eagles, Joseph Addai has won the AFC Offensive Player of the Week award. Also, in winning this award, and in leading all rookies with 789 yards and 7 TDs, Joseph Addai accomplished something that many others have accomplished before: he made ESPN's Bill Simmons, aka The Sports Guy, look like a complete idiot.

During Week Two of this season, Simmons stated the Colts made a mistake drafting Addai and not moving up to take Laurence Maroney, who just so happens to play for Simmons' favorite team: the Patriots. As of right now, Addai has looked better than Maroney, has better stats, and has already BEATEN HIM... in New England.

There are homers. There are pathetic homers. And then there are is just that rare bred of idiot that never ceases to amaze. Such an idiot is Bill Simmons.