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Gilbert's gotta go, The Catch, and more fallout from the win in Foxboro

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Playoff Pride made a good argument in this diary that warrants some more discussion: Gilbert Gardner needs to sit, and Freddie Keiaho needs to take his place at SAM.

Now, to be fair to Gilbert, the problems of the defense, especially the run defense, are not entirely his fault. Gilbert has doen a fine job covering TEs and defending passes. However, as a tackler, Gilbert Gardner is simply not that good. He doesn't fly to the ball, make plays, or attack. He seems unsure of himself and hesitant. It is not a lack of effort or intensity. Gilbert just doesn't look comfortable.

It is not a given that Keiaho would have success playing the SAM, a position he has never played I might add. Then again, Keiaho was not supposed to play MLB, but with both Brackett and Rob Morris hurt, Keiaho stepped in and performed very, very well. Dungy has expressed a desire to have Keiaho play more. Could Freddie be Indy's new SAM?

Speaking of linebackers, here's an interesting stat: Cato June and Gary Brackett are #1 and #2 in the entire league in tackles. Cato June has 77 combined tackles, 3 passes defended, 2 INTs, a half a sack, and a forced fumble. Those are Pro Bowl numbers. Brackett has 75 combined tackles, and he didn't play much of the NE game. This tells me the rush defense woes are not the fault of the LBers.

Also, I put up a new diary chronicling Marvin Harrison's amazing 3rd Quarter TD catch. has some amazing pictures, and I placed them in order to show just how incredible The Catch was.

Finally, there are rumors circling the blogosphere that the Patriots held back their game plan in anticipation of meeting the Colts in the playoffs. Folks, people who suggest these kinds of things are nothing more than pathetic losers who cannot seem to come to grips with the fact that the Colts beat New England again in Foxboro. They have some warped, twisted sense of reality that prevents them from seeing the world the way it actually is. In their sad, demented world, the Colts can only beat NE if the Patriots are either holding back, injured, or Bill Belichick's mind is possessed by demons. Bill Belichick is not the kind of guy to hold back anything. He wants to win. So does Tom Brady. To suggest they held back not only insults the Colts, it insults the Patriots. Both teams lined up Sunday, and when it was done the Colts had the W. Simple as that. To say or suggest anything else warrants immediate irrevevancy.

The other rumor is that the Colts smoked up "Victory Cigars" after the win, as if they'd won the Super Bowl or something. Misinformation like this is exactly the kind of crap people use when they toss out the "Disrespect Card." The fact of the matter is each player was given a cigar, placed in their lockers after the game ended. No player lit a cigar in the locker-room. The Colts have never done such a thing for a regular season game like this. They didn't do it last year. Players took the cigars and lit them up on the team bus, supposedly.  

It is very, very likely Indy will face NE again in the playoffs, and you can bet morons like Rodney Harrison will whip out this gem, factual or otherwise. If they want to pull that card, fine. Let them. We all know no one will give the Colts a chance. If we play NE, even at home, the Patriots will be favored by all. It's a long way to the playoffs, but you can bet that if these two teams meet again then, they will use the "Disrespect Card." Whatever.