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Big Ray at the game

This is from our very own Big Ray, who was at the game:

I was at the game, and outside of the normal jawing that goes on, the fans were great dispite the Colts gear.  Great catch by Marvin as always, and Bob Sanders was hitting like no tomorrow.  Even the radio commentary during the post game was balanced, giving Manning his due, and calling out any homers that were still cutting on him without logic.

One of the funniest moments was during a TV timeout when they played Peyton's Sprint commercial on the big screen to get the fans going.  It was awesome.

Thanks for the info, BigRay. Brave man walking into Foxboro in his Colts gear. If you have pictures, let me know.

In fact, if anyone has any stories about the game (stories at home, a sports bar, the game,etc.) feel free to share them here.