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NFL Network Game Last Night

Anyone watch the Ravens v. Bengals game last night? And I thought the worst announcing team on the planet was Gus Johnson and Brent Jones. Folks, we have a new dynamic duo of football announcing stupidity: Bryant Gumbel and Chris Collinsworth.

Anyway, after watching the Ravens, I'm a little perplexed as to why people think this team is a Super Bowl team. They stunk offensively last night. I mean, STUNK. They averaged 4.4 yards running the ball, had Steve McNair at QB, and yet only managed to avoid getting shutout within the last minute of the game.

Mind you, this is against the Bengals defense, which is not that good. No offense to Marvin Lewis (who is a good coach) or Kirkendall at Cincy Jungle, but the Bengal defense is simply not that good. Their corners stink and their LBers can't tackle. They did, however, do something to the Ravens that exposed a weakness in their game, a weakness I have suspected for some time:

They have absolutely no speed at the WR position.

The Bengals put their safeties in the box and practically DARED McNair to throw it deep. Because the Bengals generated a good pass rush, the slow Ravens receivers couldn't get by the DBs before McNair had to run for his life.

The Ravens had no business losing that game. They are supposed to be the best team in the AFC North, and the Bengals are supposed to stink, right? Just goes to show you that all teams, no matter how dominant they look, have weaknesses. And, no one is ever done... except maybe Pittsburgh and Oakland.