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How would you fix the Colts defense

Unlike Ron Meeks, pretend you know something about defense...

With all the doom and gloom, I thought we'd focus on solutions rather than state the obvious over and over again (that the The Colts defense stinks).

Ok, you're Tony Dungy. You've handed Ron Meeks a pair of rubber gloves and a mop and told him he's no longer your defensive coordinator. He's your cleaning lady. What do you do to fix this problem?

Here are my suggestions:

  • Demote Meeks to cleaning lady. He's simply lost the confidence of the players.
  • Stop lining Freeney and Mathis out so wide. Teams are using delayed draws to let them run past the play.
  • Bench Gardner. Slide Brackett to SS linebacker. Start Morris at MLB.
  • Start Darrell Reid and Booger McFarland at the DTs. Start Brock at DE. Bring Mathis in on passing downs and slide Brock to DT.

What are your suggestions?