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When times are tough... laugh!

Ok, right now it's a bit brutal to be a Colts fan. Pretty much every pundit and news media whore that has two legs and a mic pinned to his overpriced Italian suit is saying the Colts suck. Hey, when you give up 375 rushing yards in one game, you deserve the heat.

So, to help lighten the mood, here are some Week 15 funnies that will, hopefully, take your mind off last Sunday's beatdown:

  • I love kissing Suzy Kolber. I also like the blog that has that for its name. Even though they've often bashed the state of Indiana, and they seem to have some sort of blood oath against the Colts, they often write some very funny stuff. They recently decided to do something I've wanted seen done for a while now: lay a world-class beatdown on ESPN's Gregg Easterbrook.

    Easterbrook writes a weekly column for ESPN called Tuesday Morning Quarterback (TMQ). This is actually Easterbrook's second stint writing TMQ for ESPN. He wrote for them back in 2002, but was fired from ESPN after he pulled a Mel Gibson and made some very distasteful comments about Jewish people. Four years later, ESPN has re-hired him because, well... ESPN really has no morals. Kissing Suzy Kolber apparently feels the way I do about Easterbrook, and they decided to make fun of the pretentious puss boil and his style of second-guessing everything in the known universe. Here's my favorite one, mocking Easterbrook's continuous references to NFL cheerleaders in his articles (for you kids out there, look away):

    I Masturbate in a Classier Way Than You Do:

    Our Cheerleader of the Week is Tiffany of the Redskins. She says her favorite show is Battlestar Galactica! A cheerleader who also likes sci-fi? TMQ is impressed. TMQ is engorged. Now TMQ is manipulating his penis using only his powerful brain waves. TMQ has now spread his incredibly intelligent seed all over his keyboard. Tiffany, we salute you!

    Easterbrook is one of these moron, elitist turds that works at a think tank (a fancy way of saying he gets paid a lot of money to... well, THINK). He is best known for his articles in political magazines. For some reason, ESPN thought he would make a good NFL writer. This is the same network that had Rush Limbaugh on its NFL pre-game show. ESPN + Gregg Easterbook = douchebags in paradise.

  • Folks, as silly and as stupid as Matt Giordano looked trying to tackle Maurice Jones-Drew, he is no where near as silly and stupud as this guy is.
    Click to watch

    Meet Willie. Willie is a wouldbe liquor store robber. Watch the entire video for some hilarious moments in stupidity.

Ah yes folks. No matter how tough it gets, there's always something (or someone) to laugh at. Chin up.