Some positive words

We will be in the play-offs, no matter what happens in the next 3 weeks.

We have one of the best QBs in the history of american football. We will get both of our starting Ss back. Diem should get enough rest from his injury, to be a factor on the OL. 44, crossing my fingers, should feel well enough to play. In my opinion, top to bottom, we have the best CBs in football. Ricky Proehl will get some game reps. Gilbert Gardner is no longer in the starting line-up. I just hope all of these positives happen at the same time, play-off time.

If all of the stars align, like they did for the Steelers last year, we will have a good shot at XLI. No one had the Steelers on their breath as the possible SB winner, at this time last year. Under the radar is what we wanted. Now, under the radar is what we got.

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