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Polian addresses the Colts defense

PaytonMenning gives us the highlights from the Bill Polian radio show:

Let me address (safety) Bob (Sanders) right up front. I don't know if you're referring to this, but there was some erroneous information that appeared in a blog saying there were people in the Colts' organization who were frustrated with his lack of progress in terms of healing. Nothing could be further from the truth. Neither is it true that he's done for the year.
I don't think a blog reported this, but I'm not sure. It certainly wasn't me. I merely stated I think the Colts should IR him. If a player cannot play back-to-back games, that tells me he is probably not going to play again this year. If the Colts get Sanders back, great! I'm happy. However, he hasn't played back-to-back games since early September. That's not a good sign.

Regarding Gilbert Gardner, it sounds like his days as a Colts starter are over.

In terms of Rob [Morris] and Freddie [Keiaho], yes, I would think you'll see them play some before we reach the playoffs.

Perhaps this means we'll see Gary slide over to strong side backer, with Rob and Freddie platooning in the middle. Or, maybe Cato gets benched in favor of Freddie.

More from Bill:

I think part of our problem is health on defense. It would be great if we get Bob back. (Defensive tackle) Montae (Reagor) is gone. (Defensive tackle) Corey Simon is gone. (Safety) Mike Doss is gone. We need to get Marlin back and Antoine back. When we have everybody healthy, we're a better football team obviously than when we don't have them...

Surely, there's a problem. I'd be less than honest and probably blind if I said that there wasn't.

Yes, health is a major issue. Both starting safeties, both backup safeties, and the cornerback they were using at safety are all hurt. That is not good. In fact, if you really think about it, it is freakish. Still, this does not excuse the horrendous tackling and effort from players like Cato June.

Maybe we'll see some changes. Right now, ANY change would be welcome.