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I'll admit I've been very pessimistic of late. But I must hand it to many of you, despite all kinds of bashing from the media, and negative comments from jokers like me, many of you posters here still do not want to give up on this team. Here's some comments from the diaries.

From Beester:

If all of the stars align, like they did for the Steelers last year, we will have a good shot at XLI. No one had the Steelers on their breath as the possible SB winner, at this time last year. Under the radar is what we wanted. Now, under the radar is what we got.

From Payton Menning:

Yes, the Jags exposed some pretty serious issues this past weekend. However, we are still 10-3, we are still on top of our division, and the playoffs haven't started yet.

From Marked Hoosier:

I dunno what they should do, I do know I will be cheering next week.  It will be a new game.

Comments like these from devoted fans have always reminded me how things have changed in Indy in regards to the Colts. In years past (I'm talking 9-10 years ago), if the Colts went on a skid like this people would immediately dismiss the team and start focusing on other things. The RCA Dome would have empty seats. Tailgating would have fewer grills. Bars would show more Pacers and NBA games on the TV screens.

Now, with the team on the ropes, fans still believe. Despite a horrific performance, myriad injuries, and frustration all around... fans still believe. My how things have changed for the better.

Update [2006-12-13 12:8:21 by BigBlueShoe]:In the comment, Tenyardfight asked for some Journey in light of all the positive fan comments. Enjoy:

Don't stop believing. Go Colts!