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Defensive changes

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Looks like we're going to see some changes:

At strong-side linebacker, that might mean more of Rob Morris. During Thursday's practice, Morris took a good portion of the repetitions with the No. 1 unit in place of 12-game starter Gilbert Gardner.

Coach Tony Dungy was noncommittal after practice regarding who will start Monday night against Cincinnati.

"We're looking at a lot of different things," Dungy said. "We'll see.''

Rocky Boiman took his name out of the mix, saying, "I'm not starting this week."

So, instead of moving Gary Brackett over to SAM, they're benching Gardner (THANK YOU JESUS!) and starting Morris. Fine, works for me. It's a good start.

However, the injuries are still a big concern.

Among players held out of Thursday's practice were safeties Bob Sanders (knee), Marlin Jackson (shoulder) and Antoine Bethea (shoulder), offensive tackle Ryan Diem (groin), Harper (ankle), tight end Dallas Clark (knee) and wide receiver Aaron Moorehead (back). Freeney and guard Ryan Lilja also did not practice but were not included on the injury report.

Dungy anticipates Freeney, Lilja, Harper and Diem playing against the Bengals. The same can't be said for the safeties.

Sanders will likely miss his 10th game in the past 12 with soreness in his right knee. The status of Jackson and Bethea, each of whom suffered shoulder injuries at Jacksonville, won't be determined until the weekend.

The only able-bodied veteran safeties Thursday were Matt Giordano and Dexter Reid. To compensate for the absences, rookie cornerback/kick returner T.J. Rushing took repetitions at safety. The team also signed safety Scott Ware, a rookie out of USC, to the practice squad.
Bil Polian can expect THIS if Sanders is placed on IR
So, once again, Bob Sanders is OUT. Why is this guy wasting a roster spot? He has not truly played in a game since New England. He hasn't played back-to-back games since September. I like Bob and enjoy watching him play, but he is so obviously not healthy, and won't be until next year. The funny thing is, if the Colts IRed Bob now, I think the fans might just mob the complex and tar-and-feather Bill Polian. The last paragraph sent a shudder through my body. Apparently, Giordano and Reid are the only healthy safeties the Colts have, and TJ Rushing is their main backup!

TJ Rushing, folks.

A rookie 7th round pick brought in here to return kicks and punts! THAT is Indy's #1 back-up at safety now. What's the record for most passing yards allowed in a game? I think Palmer might just break it.

There was a quote from newly acquired free agent WR Ricky Proehl that caught my attention. Since he's new to the club, he has a different perspective on things. Here's what he said about the team rebounding from its recent losing streak:

"We've got to rally amongst each other, and that's all we've got right now. Right now to me -- obviously I've only been there two weeks -- but you're going to find out who your players are and who you can go to war with," he said. "We've got a young team, and you see some guys getting little nicks here and there. For me, only being there a couple weeks it was kind of disheartening because you wonder if these guys are going to battle or are they going to give up."

Um, wow! WOW! I'm really starting to question the toughness of this team. Right now, Sanders, Bethea, and Jackson SHOULD be playing. If they aren't, then they should be IRed. Only a season-ending injury or a missing LEG should keep them out of this game. If it is "soreness" or something like that, they should be playing! For a veteran like Proehl to say something like that means this team lacks toughness. Yes, the team is young. That's no excuse.

I would very much like the team to purge itself of some of these young players who are not playing through it.