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Monday Night Football really, really, REALLY sucks!

Hi. We suck.

I know I am not alone in stating that ESPN acquiring the broadcasting rights to Monday Night Football is like Dow Chemical acquiring the naming rights to Earth Day. MNF sucks right now! I have never been so bored, so annoyed with a broadcasting team as I am with Mike Tirico, Joe Theisman, and Tony "Hi, I'm a bald schmuck" Kornheiser. The only thing worse than them is Greg Gumbel and Chris Collinsworth, but that isn't saying much. I loved how Kornheiser quoted Bob Kravitz during the program.

Dear Tony- nobody gives a crap what Bob Kravtiz thinks. I know he's your boy and all, and maybe you two enjoy spooning each other every now and then, but quoting a much disliked moron writer on National TV is not going to earn you or MNF brownie points.

The entire broadcasting platform, from the graphics to the sideline reporting, blows. If I see Suzy Kolber talk about how great X player is and how dedicated he is to his community and how he's the best role model in the NFL and how Jesus loves him, I am going to hit her square in the face with a shovel. And afterwards, I'll start my own website called Slapping Suzy Kolber so as to compete with the gents at KSK.

The pandering and pathetic attempts to hype up this game by ESPN were equally annoying. "Hey, it's gonna be a great game!" "It'll be a shootout!" "Oh, just you wait. The second half will be a shootout." "Check out Chad Johnson's shoes. Aren't they funny?" "Hey look! Matthew McConaughey."


The booth interview last night with Matthew McConaughey is a prime example of how MNF has truly gone to Suck City. They simply do not understand that fact that the ONLY REASON anyone is watching the friggin' channel is the game itself. That's it. No one cares about Matthew McConaughey, his movie (which I'm sure is fine, but we're not watching to know about his movie), or anything else. We want to see the game. We viewers want you to talk about ONLY the game. Anything else is a waste of time.

We'd rather watch Dwight Freeney picking his nose through his helmet guard and scratching his ass between plays than some dumb ass booth interview with an actor.

Masson makes a good point on this:

I was o.k. with their Cincy should run/why did Cincy run so much turn about, because at least then they were TALKING ABOUT THE GAME! I don't mind Matthew McConahey (sp?), but I don't really want him in my Monday Night Football broadcast -- it's kind of like ice cream and ketchup. You know what else I'm not concerned about during a game? How Manning stacks up against Marino or Elway or whoever. After the game, fine. During the game, talk about the damn game. And I don't want to see the guys in the booth. And I also don't want to come back from commercials with the GAME ALREADY IN PROGRESS.

Monday Night Football truly, deeply sucks and it is very sad. ESPN and Disney destroyed a fine TV program.