Time to Show Meeks the Door

We just witnessed once again why our offense does not get the job done. The Titans defense kept the Colts offense off the field for most of the second half. The Colts scored three, count them three, points in the second half. The one time we drove down the field, Dungy elected not to go for a 4th down and goal with less than 2 yards to go. For every one who disagreed with me that we needed a fullback, I hope you see it now.

Anyway, Dungy has been here for 4 years. We brought him in as a defensive minded coach. We never expected a top defense, but just one good enough to back up the offense. Dungy has not done his job. This defense gets worse every year. You can say injuries played a part, but that is just this year. Some fans will point to last year. We were the 16th rated defense and that is only average. It is time to make a change if Dungy does not sure up the defense. The loss today was not that bad, but the playoffs will be a bigger test. The answer might be the firing of Ron Meeks, the defensive coordinator. Or it might be the firing of Dungy himself. If they do fire Dungy it will be after the season. There is no way they should do it now. Let me say that this isnt about the loss to the Titans. This defense has been a civ for 4 years with Dungy and Meeks behind the helm. One thing is for sure, there needs to be a change.

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