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Welcome to Stampede Blue!

This site is for fans of the Indianapolis Colts. We offer opinions and insight on not just the Colts, but the NFL in general. I'd like to give a shout out to all Colts fans, and any fans of other teams that take the time to read and post here. Yes, that includes you New England fans out there.

This site is maintained by two brothers: Brad and Tony Wells. We were both little shavers when Mr. Bob Irsay packed up his Baltimore club in the dead of night and moved them to Indianapolis. Both of us are Hoosier born and bred, but these days I reside in New York while Tony lives in Indy.

With football transforming into a year long event (with the Indianapolis combine, the draft, free agent signings, rookie signings, mini-camps, and preseason) we plan on posting a lot of content leading up to Kickoff Weekend 2006.

We encourage you to create an account with us, post comments on our diaries, and create diaries of your own. Blogs only work when the you speak up and participate. Tell us what you think, even if you feel our thoughts are literally horse shit.

We also encourage you to check out our blogging brothers and sisters at other SBNation sites, especially those football blogs listed to the right.

We hope you enjoy our Colts blog. Long live football, and Go Colts!