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From the WTF are they thinking department

Tom E. Curran of the Providence Journal:

The Patriots have until 4 p.m. today to designate Adam Vinatieri a franchise player, and all indications are that they won't use the designation.

Now, if New England has something in the works for Vinatieri, that's cool. If they don't, management should fire Scott Pioli, immediately kick him out of the Razor, and mail him his things. If the Patriots let, arguably, the greatest kicker EVER to simply walk out the door, you can officially call the Patriots franchise done and write them off.

Adam Vinatieri is the number one reason that team has 3 Super Bowl trophies. For all the praise and laurels people leave at Brady's feet for his 10-1 playoff record, the fact of the matter is that record would be dramatically different without Vinatieri. All those classic game winning drives against teams like Oakland, Rams, Panthers, and even the Colts all ended not with touchdowns, but with last second, clutch FGs by Vinatieri. The man is simply money in a big game, and he has made Tom Brady's career.

If the Patriots let this guy walk, the Colts and Bill Polian should snatch him up ala Corey Simon last year. Give him whatever he wants. Do whatever you need to do. If Peyton Manning had this dude backing him up, he'd have a 10-1 playoff record, not Brady.

For the Patriots's sake, I hope they have something worked out with Vinatieri, because if they don't... stick a fork in them.