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John Clayton says Colts still talking to Edge

In my opinion, there is no NFL TV analyst better than ESPN's John Clayton. For all the idiots ESPN parades out there, Clayton makes up for all of them. He is always insightful, well-spoken, and he takes complicated issues like the salary cap and explains them in a way normal, everyday fans can understand.

So, when John Clayton says the Colts are talking with Edge about a contract even after the Reggie Wayne deal, it gives me some hope Edge isn't a goner.

The Wayne deal, however, will not mean that Edgerrin James will get the franchise tag. The Colts are trying to get under the cap by turning $19 million of roster bonuses for Harrison and Peyton Manning into signing bonuses in which they could prorate for four years.

The league hasn't determined whether or not the 30-percent rule applies for those contracts, but the Colts believe they don't. James is expected to hit free agency, but the Colts will continue talking to him.

I highly recommend Clayton's blog on ESPN. It's very insight, especially when it comes to free agency, the salary cap, and the collective bargaining agreement.