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Funny quote from the great Marv Levy

From Vic Carucci's blog at the Combine:

It felt like old times this morning when Marv Levy stepped up to the podium to address the media at the Combine... Levy has long been one of the most eloquent speakers in football history, and nothing has changed on that count in the eight years he has been away from the game (outside of broadcasting work). He summarized the value of the Combine as well as anyone when he said that it allows talent-evaluators to get to know prospects as "human beings, not just commodities."

Carucci used to cover Levy when he was head coach of the Bills in the 1980s and 1990s. Levy had this little funny while speaking at the Combine:

I called (former Bills and current Colts GM Bill Polian) after I took the job and had three or four questions for him. He was very helpful about structuring the front office and salary cap. Then he said, 'What's your last question?' I said, 'Do you want to trade us Peyton Manning?' He said, 'No.'

It's nice to see Levy back in football. I wish the Bills luck... to a point.