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More Colt news

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  • Colts re-sign DE/DT Raheem Brock to a 5-year deal. Not sure what the signing bonus was, if there was one. Brock's come a long way, and it's nice to see someone like him do well for himself. He's probably the most versatile d-lineman the Colts have.
  • At the Combine, the Colts are looking at running backs. Minnesota's Laurence Maroney or Wisconsin's Brian Calhoun might fall to the Colts in the first round. Both are showcasing themselves at the Combine. ESPN's Mel "It's not real hair" Kiper compare Maroney to Edge:
    [Maroney's] got real good pace to his running style, just like Edgerrin. He doesn't force the issue. He varies his speed and he utilizes his blockers very well.
  • The NFL has a list of players invited to the Combine.
  • It seems very likely that both USC RB Reggie Bush and Texas QB Vince Young will play in the AFC South next year. A scary prospect indeed.
  • Players' Association executive director Gene Upshaw is telling NFL agents to prepare for an uncapped year in 2007. If NFL owners fuck up this new CBA, there's a special wing in Hell reserved espceially for them. One rumor is that NE owner Bob Kraft and Washington owner Daniel Snyder are two of the owners holding things up. Apparently, they don't like the idea of sharing their new stadium revenues with small market teams like the Colts, Bengals, and Packers. I can't stand to see crap like this. Revenue sharing saved the NFL. It is one of the reasons the NFL thrives while Major League Baseball continues to circle the drain into the void of irrelevancy. No offense SBNation baseball bloggers. I respect that you love your teams, but baseball is dying. And if the NFL starts to walk down that dark path, it will begin to rot as well. Wellington Mara is rolling in his grave.
  • One of the most memorable (and hilarious) moments in NFL Draft day history.
    Who the hell is Mel Kiper? My mailman knows more about the draft than he does.
    They replay that interview every year during the Draft on ESPN. I always laugh when I see it. Tobin turned out to be a medicore GM that was unable to adjust to the NFL's new salary cap. However, he was dead on about Kiper.