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Breaking: Possible CBA Agreement


An NFL source has told that the 2006 salary cap will be announced on Monday, February 27. 2006's cap, according to this source, will be $95 million. This is on the high end of what was expected - most estimates were anywhere from $92 to $95 million.

Atlanta Falcons GM Rich McKay, who co-chairs the Competition Committee and has long been a major player in league matters, talked to the media on Saturday about the possible extension to the Collective Bargaining Agreement that would greatly affect how cap money is spent.

McKay said that the teams remain hopeful that there will be an extension, despite Player's Association head Gene Upshaw's recent comments that agents should negotiate as if there will be no extension. McKay also said that without a new deal, the March 3 free agency deadline will not be pushed back.

I am always, always, ALWAYS suspicious of unnamed sources. So, please take this for what it's worth. I'm hopeful something will happen regarding the new CBA before free agency starts. I'll keep my eye on this "source" and see if it comes through.