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Um... Lube Oil Stadium?

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This is, without a doubt, the WORST stadium name in the NFL:

The Colts are expected to announce Wednesday that the new Indiana Stadium will be named after Lucas Oil Products, a California company known mostly for the lubricants it produces for the auto racing industry, according to a person with knowledge of the negotiations who requested anonymity.
I can see it now. The media will complain about pumped in crowd noise at the Lube. We fans will brag that our players have Home Lube Advantage. Edgerrin James will state that it'll feel good to get back to the Lube after Monday Night on the road.


Lucas Oil Stadium? Do they try and find stupid-ass names just to screw with fans! I mean come on! The Pats have The Razor (Gillette Stadium). The Eagles have The Linc (Lincoln Financial Field). Those names sound cool, even though they have stupid, shitty, lifeless corporate logos plastered everywhere. What do the Colts get?

Lube Stadium.

I can hear the Patriots fans laughing in Foxboro now, even from the confines of my apartment miles and miles away.