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And the blood letting begins

Players cut since the 4pm deadline for a new CBA came and went:

Trevor Pryce- DEN
Mike Anderson- DEN
Jeb Putzier- DEN
Sam Adams- BUF
Stephen Davis- CAR
Brenson Buckner- CAR
He Hate Me- CAR
Brent Alexander- NYG
Joe Iorio- NYG
Marcus Coleman- TEX
Tony Banks- TEX
Tony Hollings- TEX

You may now officially scratch Denver off the contenders list. They just cut their best defensive player, running back, and tight end.

Update [2006-3-1 17:32:43 by BigBlueShoe] reports the Colts have re-signed MLB Gary Brackett to a multi-year deal, terms not disclosed.

Update [2006-3-2 0:6:59 by BigBlueShoe]: InBradyWeTrust over at PatsPulpit has updates on more cuts.

Miami cut Sam Madison, Tebucky Jones, Reggie Howard, and Damon McIntosh. Tennessee cut Brad Hopkins.

Meanwhile, The NFL owners have extended the deadline for terminated contracts from 4pm Thursday to 10pm. They will also meet in New York tomorrow, looking to find some sort of agreement on a new CBA. It seems they are making one last ditch effort to get a new CBA before teaming really have to gut their rosters, like Denver did today.

A news CBA would push the 2006 cap up from $94.5 million to aboit $105 million. If no CBA is reached by Midnight on Thursday, the cap is set at $94.5 million for 2006.