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Edgerrin is a Cardinal

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It's posted on the Arizona Cardinals website, and now the Indy Star has picked it up. He signed a 4 year contract for $30 million. Terms and details of the contract are not available yet. It's a sad day because Edge is one of my favorite players, ever. He had a cool demeanor, and played the game with professionalism and pose. It's unfortunate because he is going to rot in Arizona. They are a crappy club with a washed up QB and an overrated coach.

But, Edge wanted the guaranteed money and I cannot begrudge that. He uses that money to help build up community service centers in his hometown of Immokalee, FL, a town made up of mostly poor, black families. He's a legend there, and rightfully so.

Good luck Edge! We wish you and your family well.  We'll miss you in Blue Country. Also, yesterday back-up DT Larry Tripplett signed with the Buffalo Bills. He gave the Colts one good season, and it was a contract year. So, not really all that sorry to see Tripp leave. This will be a very, very interesting off-season for Bill Polian. He's worked magic before when everyone wrote off the Colts. Let's see if he can do it again.

Update [2006-3-12 16:16:41 by BigBlueShoe]: ESPN has some of Edge's contract numbers.

In keeping with franchise policy, the Cardinals did not release contract figures. However, sources told that James receives an immediate signing bonus of $7 million and an additional roster bonus of $4.5 million later this week. The two-time NFL rushing champion's base salaries are $3.25 million for 2006, $5.25 million ('07), $5 million ('08) and $5 million ('09), according to sources. The deal will pay James $20 million over the first two years. By comparison, the $62 million contract signed last week by Shaun Alexander pays $18.5 million in the first two years.