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Welcome Cincy Jungle!

We used to call them the Bungles, but after last season they are Bungles no more. The Cincinnati Bengals proved themselves a quality team and organization last year with a very bright future ahead of them. Carson Palmer, Chad Johnson, Rudi Johnson, Chris Perry, and an offensive line that would make the Hogs in Redskin Land cry make this team one to watch out for.

And if you do want to watch out for this team, do so at Josh Kirkendall's excellent SB Nation blog called Cincy Jungle. The Bengals resemble the Colts more than any other team. They play the same style of offense and both have some of the best head coaches in the biz. Palmer and Johnson watch games of Manning and Harrison in the hopes of one day matching their greatness. I believe they can, even though I believe Chad Johnson's attitude is something to be concerned about.

Please visit Josh's blog and welcome him to The Nation!