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The Horse Bucket: Saturday Edition

Hope everyone had a fun and safe St. Pattie's Day. Photo above is available at

  • Scratch Michael Bennett off the list of potential Colts in 2006. He signed a a two-year contract with the New Orleans Saints worth $3 million, including a signing bonus of $1 million and possible incentives.
  • I'm excited as hell to see V for Vendetta. I read the books when I was a kid and they scared the crap out of me. It seems the movie is getting good reviews. So, I'm pumped.
  • My I.U. Hoosiers stayed alive and knocked off San Diego State in the first found of the NCAA Tournament. They won with a three-pointer with 3 seconds left. Heck of a game! I have a small glimmer of faintly dying hope that Coach Mike Davis will lead his club to the Elite Eight, thereby making all the haters that pushed so hard for his dismissal look like the utter morons they are. However, with Gonzaga coming up, it looks like a tall order for the Hoosiers.
  • Also, those said morons are the ones that continue pushing to have Iowa Coach (and former I.U. Hoosier player) Steve Alford replace Davis. Alford's team just lost in the first round of the Tournament. Iowa was a 3 seed after winning the Big Ten Tournament, and then promptly lost to a 14th seeded school I have never heard of: Northwestern State. Yeah, Alford sounds like a reeeeeaaaaal good replacement.
  • I have 4 brackets going at my day job. I think it's farily safe to say my Kansas is gonna win it all bracket is busted.
  • I haven't followed the Indiana Pacers as much this season do to work and other committments. However, they knocked off the Sac-Town Kings last night in THE RETURN OF RON-RON. That's right, Ronnie Artest came back to Naptown... and the local crowd booed the heck out of him. Pacer fans have strong feelings about Ronnie. They stood by him through thick and thin, cheered him when everyone else called him the worst thing ever to happen to the NBA. Then, he demands a trade and stabs us in the back. I issue this warning to all Kings fans, especially TZ blogging over at the SB Nation basketball site Sactown Royalty: it is not a question of if Ronnie will cost you games with his antics, but when.
  • For those of you with spouses, girlfriends, partners, or loved ones in Law School: I feel your pain. My girlfriend just finished reading the novel The House of Sand and Fog, and rather than tell me whether or not the plot was interesting, the characters believable, or anything along those lines she proceeds to explain to me how the whole problem between the characters in the book could have been solved if so-and-so just had a good lawyer. "It's a classic torts case," she says. Ugh!