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A match made in Hell

Grizz is lighting up his blog with news about the Cowboys signing the grand turd himself: Terrell Owens. I especially love Grizz's pics showing Owens celebrate on the Cowboys Star several years ago. We should have known then this idiot needed prescription meds. I don't plan to write much about Owens, mainly because I don't care for him. When he pulls another stunt that kills his team, I'll write about him again. Owens is the kind of guy that even if he played for the Colts, I'd have a hard time rooting for him. In fact, I'd have trouble rooting for the Colts in general if Owens played for them. Grizz has a different p.o.v. regarding Owens and his Boys:

I've written in opposition to this move consistently. I've made my reasons known and gave fair warning to the consequences. That doesn't matter now because Terrell Owens is a Dallas Cowboy and the Dallas Cowboys are my team. It's physically and mentally impossible for me not to support them, so any thoughts of somehow boycotting the Cowboys because Owens is here is simply not reality. The thought has never crossed my mind.
I enjoy Grizz's site, and I love his enthusiasm for the Cowboys. However, in my mind, the Cowboys and Owens are simply made for each other. Jerry Jones has long been a cancer within NFL owner ranks. Owens is a cancer, period.

Match made in heaven... or hell, depending upon how you view Owens and Jones.

One interesting note out of all this is the silence from head coach Bill Parcells. Mike Florio at ProFootballTalk also took note of this:

With each passing hour, the failure of Cowboys coach Bill Parcells to say something/anything about the team's acquisition of receiver Terrell Owens will be interpreted by league insiders -- and most importantly the other players on his team -- as the absence of an endorsement of the decision of owner/G.M. Jerry Jones to throw a lasso around a maverick with a belly full of loco weed.

As one league source who watched the video of the press conference told us, "If Parcells was onboard he either would have been there or at least had a prepared statement.

Yes, I know it's pretty common that Parcells does not make public appearances when it comes to player signings. However, in a case like this, with a player like Owens who has a history of dividing locker rooms, a prepared statement from Parcells would have laid to rest any doubt.

I personally don't think Parcells wanted this yutz. Owens has, and always will be, a talented turd. Talent can only get you so far. Most media said Ryan Leaf had the most natural talent of any QB coming out of the draft in 1998. Leaf is now the QB coach at West Texas A&M. At the ripe old age of 29, he is out of the NFL. So much for "talent."

Put Owens in the same category. He might not have the same tendancy to meltdown on the field like Leaf did, nor is he as lazy as Leaf. Owens's meltdowns will happen off the field and in the lockerroom. The meltdown will happen when the team loses a game and he only gets 2 catches. The meltdown will happen when they lose a game and he gets 10 catches for 115 yards and a TD, and then claims "Hey, I did my job."

That's an Owens meltdown. I can think of no other team that deserves him more than the Cowboys. For the record, I think the Cowboys will be much better next year. Owens will be a factor and improve their passing game. They should make the playoffs. But sooner or later, Owens will pull a stunt that will divide the lockerroom, and the great Bill Parcells will have to deal with this nitwit once and for all.

Also for the record, Marvin Harrison is leaps and bounds better than Owens. Anyone who says otherwise just simply doesn't know anything about football. How do I know? Because most defensive backs in the NFL say Harrison is better. That's how I know. Only the media, and ESPN, think Owens is the best; the same media that gushed over Ryan Leaf.