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Free agents available that the Colts might look into

Jonathan Wells- RB
Moe Williams- RB
Ty Law- CB
Charles Woodson- CB
Nate Clements- CB
Ricky Manning Jr.- CB
Kenyatta Walker- Offensive Line

Some of these guys were once big names. Some still are. All are available at a decent price, and the Colts might have enough to scoop up one or two of them. A third RB, to go with Rhodes and a potential rookie, is important. I am very much intrigued about Ty Law. He wanted to play for Indy last year, but wouldn't take a one-year deal (which is exactly what he ended up getting with the Jets, ironically). Law has stated numerous times that he wants to play for Dungy, and would love to play on a defense with Freeney. With Marlin Jackson moving to safety, maybe Law is a possibility.

Kenyatta Walker is another interesting player. Dungy drafted him in Tampa Bay, I believe. He was supposed to help TB's putrid o-line. Now, he's a free agent. Walker had his best season as a Buc last year. Maybe as a guard he'd work in this system, or the Colts could move Diem back to guard and have Walker play RT. Walker's agent is Tom Condon whose clients include Peyton Manning and Marvin Harrison.