WCG Mock Draft

 Over at Windy City Gridiron I am going to be running a mock draft.  I need to start about the 1st of April, but have quite a few spots left open.  Here is the list of spots available.  I will leave the poll open for today, before I move it on to another site.  

The Rules:

   1. The draft will take place on the Chicago site, so you need to keep track, I am hoping to not have to hunt anybody down on somebody else's site.  The draft is on the 29th, so I am looking for at least a pick a day.

   2. You will give the player, position and college of the person you think the team SHOULD draft, not who you think they will take and then give a short 3-4 sentences on why.

Here is the draft order and who is taken and available.  Make sure you read any comments left before you, it is first come.  Thanks!

2006 NFL Mock Draft

Houston Texans - ezzi110
New Orleans Saints -
Tennessee Titans -
New York Jets -
Green Bay Packers -
San Francisco 49ers -
Oakland Raiders -
Buffalo Bills -
Detroit Lions - LRogue
Arizona Cardinals -
St. Louis Rams -
Cleveland Browns - ChrisPokorny (SB Site)
Baltimore Ravens -
Philadelphia Eagles -
Atlanta Falcons -
Miami Dolphins - tacologic
Minnesota Vikings - twade70
Dallas Cowboys - Grizz (SB Site)
San Diego Chargers -
Kansas City Chiefs - draftday
New England Patriots - InBradyWeTrust (SB Site)
Denver Broncos (from Washington) -
Tampa Bay Buccaneers - ski
Cincinnati Bengals -
New York Giants -
Chicago Bears - WCG (SB Site)
Carolina Panthers -
Jacksonville Jaguars -
Denver Broncos -
Indianapolis Colts - BigBlueShoe (SB Site)
Seattle Seahawks -
Pittsburgh Steelers - Steelerfan (SB Site)

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