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The Horse Bucket

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In my Horse Bucket posts, I try and talk about stuff not necessarily related to the Colts. Some stuff focuses on other local Indiana sports, some on culture, news, art, and general crap I'm thinking about. I'll start off with the Indiana Pacers:

  • They stink! The Pacers are now 0-4 against the Atlanta friggin' Hawks this season. The Hawks have won 22 games total this year, with 4 of those 22 against the Pacers. I know this season, like last, has been rocky. I know this season, like last, was destroyed by Ron Artest. But come on! At least win one friggin' game against the Hawks.
  • Indiana University hired former Oklahoma University coach Kelvin Sampson as their new head basketball coach. According to some local Indiana media, the move to replace Mike Davis was meant to bring IU fans back together. Ah, I see. They fired a good young coach (Davis) who was beloved by his players and had an impressive graduation record to go with his win-loss record because certain fans didn't like him. There's quote Colts GM Bill Pilian once said in response to someone asking him what fans thought of his decisions. I'm paraphrasing this: If you start letting fans dictate your decisions, pretty soon your out of a job and sitting in the stands with them.
  • Kelvin Sampson comes to IU with a lot of baggage. His Oklahoma University program is under investigation by the NCAA for recruiting rules violations from 2000-2004. He had a 279-79 (.719) record at OU with 11 NCAA appearances. His OU team was outcoached by Mike Davis' 2002 Hoosiers in the Elite Eight. Sampson also had one of the worst graduation rates in college basketball. 33 percent of those who entered OU in the four years from 1995-96 to 1998-99 graduated.
  • Sampson's hiring sends a very strong signal: Indiana University, which used to pride itself in both graduation rates AND winning, doesn't so much care about the graduating anymore. They want to win titles. They want to win, win, win and rake in all the money, prestige, and other laurels that come with winning. This is a terrible hire, and it will come back to haunt Indiana athletic director Rick Greenspan, who is a complete and total boob.
  • I still haven't seen V for Vendetta. I good friend of mine said it was ok, and that many characters I liked from the books (like the wives, for example) were just cut out.
  • Not to get political or anything, but this is hilarious. Howard Kallogian, a Republican candidate in the CA-50 special election, posted a picture of Baghdad on his website saying it provides proof that everything is a-okay in Baghdad, and that there is no civil war. There's one problem: the picture isn't of Baghdad. It's of Istanbul, which is in Turkey and not Iraq. Too funny.
  • I have to commute every morning in New York on the friggin 1 train, which is a train run by Satan's minions. I leave my place early for work, and I arrive late. I leave late for work, and I arrive early. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!
  • I have come to the conclusion that Plenty O'Toole is the hottest Bond girl ever.

    Photo source: Wikipedia

    Plenty was played by Lana Wood, sister to the famous Natalie Wood of West Side Story and Rebel Without a Cause fame. Lana was much hotter back in the day. Plenty O'Toole is famous for her appearance in the Bond film Diamonds are Forever. In a low cut dress showing a lot of cleavage, she walks up to Bond, who is playing craps in a Vegas casino, and says: Hi, I'm Plenty. Bond looks down at her chest, and then back at her eyes and responds, Of course you are. Classic!