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Is it good news or bad?

ESPN reports that talks between the NFL and the NFLPA have broken off, and that a new CBA is as "dead as a doornail."


ProFootballTalk reports:

A league source with knowledge of the status of the Collective Bargaining Agreement negotiations tells us that all issues between the NFL and the NFL Players Association have been resolved, and that the only remaining sticking point is the dispute between owners regarding the extent to which revenue sharing will be expanded.

Said the source:  "It is the rich Johnny-come-lately owners who can't figure out that they are making money because they own a team in a large market and not because they own a team."

Bob Kraft and Jerry Jones are doing their best to have the NFL go uncapped in 2007. Despite an agreement between the players and the owners, parasites like Jones and Kraft are trying to undo the league in order to save themselves money. Apparently, Mr. Kraft was so ticked that the Colts destroyed his Patriots back in November that he no longer wants to share revenue with them.

Poor, poor baby.

Hopefully, this deal gets done despite the efforts of Kraft and Jones, and in some form of Karmaic payback both the Patriots and the Cowboys will stink for the duration of the new CBA.