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Pre-Draft news

The NFL Draft is 16 days and 13 hours away, according to Grizz's handy draft countdown clock on the top of his site. Draft time is always fun because you get to read about a zillion mock drafts. Then, on draft day, you get to see these draft guru idiots like ESPN's Mel Kiper wipe the egg off their face when your team picks a guy that turns into a stud while their guy turns into another Ricky Williams. Many of these mocks have the Colts picking a runningback in the first round, which makes sense. Bill Polian himself has said the Colts "have a hole" at runningback. This despite the fact that Polian and Tony Dungy have insisted Dominic Rhodes is perfectly capable of carrying the load as the Colts' starter at runningback.

It's important to note that one should never take Polian at his word around draft time. Bill Polian is one of those guys that can take all of your money in one night playing cards. He looks like he'll make one play, and does the exact opposite.

This established, it is imparative that the Colts draft a runningback in the first round for the simple reason that the really good ones will be gone by Round 2. Everyone thinks Laurence Maroney will where The Blue Shoe next year. I'm not sold. Too obvious. This is not a knock against Maroney. I've said for a while he'll get snagged by New England, Denver, or Carolina before Indy can grab him.

The guy I've been betting on is LSU's Joseph Addai, but he hasn't been exactly under the radar. The Colts met with Addai and he expressed positive feelings about Polian, Dungy, and playing in Indy. Now, it is very likely Addai will be there at the 30th pick. If the Colts pass on him and pick someone unexpected, like a cornerback or another friggin safety, I am going to loose my bowels.

Addai is so perfect for the Colts it's scary. He has the potential to be better than Edge, and that's not something I say lightly. If you don't know who this kid is, read this article. If you don't fall in love with him after reading that, go to your nearest hospital and ask them to find your pulse. This kid is talented and gutty. Such players are very, very rare.

So, I expect Addai drafted by Indy in Round 1, and if it doesn't happen Polian better have a damn good reason not to take him. I think he's a potential difference maker at runningback.