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Thomas Jones trade to Colts rumor

There's a rumor going around that the Colts are interested in trading for Chicago RB Thomas Jones, who ran for 1,300 yards last year. John Clayton addressed it on ESPN as a false rumor, but the Chicago Tribune stated Bears GM Jerry Angelo somewhat confirmed the trade talks with the Colts. The Tribune's Colts source says Indy will give their 3rd round pick and the 94th pick for Jones. Seems fair. The Rams gave up about as much for Faulk, and he's a HoFer.

However, from what folks in Rumorville are saying now we gather the trade talks are dead. Jones is holding out of voluntary workouts in Chi-town because he wants to make more than his $2 million per year. That $2 million is probably the only thing that makes Jones attractive to folks seeking to trade for him. Jones is a good back, but not a difference maker.

I'll keep and eye on this, and ask WCG over at Windy City Gridiron to update if he has any info.