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Welcome Pride of Detroit

I'm at a CPU at Kinkos. So, I can't copy and paste the logo for the newest member of the SBNation football bloggers: Sean Yuille at Pride of Detroit.

Now, Sean must understand that I hate Detroit... the city, not the Lions. Detroit fans are the ones responsible for the worst brawl in sports history. So naturally, as both a Colts and Pacers fan, I hate Detroit.

My hatred of that wretched puke hole of a city aside, Sean's blog has an excellent look and I'm excited to read his stuff on the Lions. They have an excellent coach in Ron Marinelli (former Dungy assistant in Tampa Bay) and a some good young players there, especially Kevin Jones. They also have one of my favorite all time Colts on their roster: Marcus Pollard.

Welcome to SB Nation, Sean! I know WCG at Windy City Gridiron has been itching for an NFC North rival blog. I promise not to bring up The Brawl... for at least the next two posts.