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The 2006 NFL Draft is here!

The photo is courtesy of Thier site has some nice Draft Day features, including a NFL Draft Blog. I know Grizz and WCG will be blogging all day today on their blogs. Our newest blogger, Sean at Pride of Detroit, has some good stuff regarding the recent drama started with Houston selecting DE Mario Williams number one overall over USC RB Reggie Bush. And already Fat Lenny over at ESPN is crying about it:

When you are as a team as bad as the Texans have been, you need to make solid football decisions, and eschewing a playmaker such as Bush, who will have an immediate impact on the league, in favor of a guy still in his gestation period is a dubious call at best. And make no mistake, this was a football decision.
Poor Lenny. If you read his article, it has the tone of a five-year-old screaming over his spilled cup of Capri Sun. I'll be the first to say that Reggie Bush in Houston was a scary thought. He still might end up in the AFC South, but with Tennessee this time. That prospect scares me more than Bush in Houston. That aside, if Fat Lenny ever bothered to watch any Houston Texans games (and I doubt he's ever seen them play the last two years) he'd know the Texans do not need a runningback.

Domanick Davis is a fine runningback for Houston. Does he have Bush's speed, atheticism, or quickness? No. Is he a proven NFL runner? Can he dodge tacklers better? Can he block better? Catch better? Yes, yes, yes, and yes. I'd take Dom Davis on my team anyday. He is an impact runner at a discount price.

What the Texans needed was an impact defensive player, a guy that can make things happen. They needed a defensive difference maker, like Dwight Freeney is for Indy. Thus, they take Williams. Now, is Williams unproven? Yes, but then again, so is Reggie Bush. Bush averaged 15 carries a game at USC. In the NFL, he'll get 15 carries in the first half. Durability and toughness are as important as speed and quickness. The jury is still out on whether Bush can be a full-time runningback.

The bottom line here is Houston made the right call for them. This call makes networks like ESPN look like the moronic idiots they are because for the past year they've been yacking that Bush will go number one. They were wrong. So, now they have to blast the Texans for not taking the obvious choice.

The Texans became a better football team today drafting Williams. If they'd taken Bush, they wouldn't become a better team, but they definitely would have become a better television draw, and that is the only thing hack networks like ESPN care about.