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Joseph Addai visits Blue Shoe Land

The good folks at (or Coltspower, they seem to have two names) say that LSU runningback Joseph Addai visited the Colts today, and is expected to stay until tomorrow.

I wrote a while ago that Addai fits the Colts more than Minnesota RB Laurence Maroney, who many draft guru experts seem to think we will take. Because everyone thinks we're taking Maroney, I'm convinced Polian won't touch him. Polian never, ever drafts who you think he'll draft.

Addai is everything the Colts are looking for in a back to replace Edgerrin James. He's got good speed and is a patient runner (like Edgerrin). He's known to slip tacklers and run with power (like Edgerrin). He's known as an outstanding blocker (like Edgerrin). At LSU, he lined up often at wide receiver, and is smart enough to find holes in a defense's zone. Edge never did anything like that, but he was good catching out of the backfield. Addai is also a high character prospect. He works hard, and is known to have strong leadership skills.

For these reasons, and for a hunch that I feel New England will take Laurence Maroney ahead of the Colts in the draft, I think Indy will snare Addai and pair him with Dom Rhodes and James Mungro, who the Colts just re-signed today.