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Nick Harper wants more green

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It seems Colts CB Nick Harper is a little upset he's one of the lowest paid starting CBs in football. He's so upset he is not participating in the manditory workouts held this week at the Colts facilities.

"Something's got to give, 'cause I'm not happy,'' said Harper, who has started 42 of a possible 48 regular-season games the past three seasons. "They know they've got a starting corner dirt cheap.

"If they can't give me the money I deserve, release me and somebody else will.''

To Nick, we at Stampede Blue offer him the following advice regarding his situation best conveyed, in our minds, in the visual provided below:

Seriously, what is this crap? Nick Harper is an above average CB starting on a team that has Super Bowl aspirations. If he were anywhere else, he'd be riding the bench making the vet minimum. Unless your name is Ty Law or Charles Woodson (and by the way, those two still don't have contracts), you're not going to get a big pay day as a CB after age 30. And Nick Harper is hardly worth a big pay check.

Nick, shut up and get to the workouts! If you feel another team is going to pay you more and allow you to start, then you are living in fantasy land. You signed a two-year contract to play for the Colts, which includes following through with workouts in the offseason. That means you should do all the things expected of you regardless of whether you start, ride the bench, or fetch Gatorade for the assistant coaches. Are we sure Harper's wife didn't also cause some brain damage when she attacked him with a knife before the Colts playoff game against Pittsburgh? Unbelievable. I'm almost inclined to say Polian should cut him just to make him look like an even bigger idiot when he sits out there in the free agent market when the Colts open in the Meadowlands against the NY Giants.