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Tidbits and Oddballs

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The Colts have signed OT Makoa Freitas to a one-year, $721,600 contract. Freitas spent all last season on the injured list. He's a good back-up tackle, and we could have used him last year when Ryan Diem got hurt.

Also, free agent CB Tony Beckhman visited the Colts. Beckham played for the Titans the last five years, used as a nickel or dime DB.

Speaking of those wacky Flaming Thumb-Tacs, Peyton chimes in on the whole McNair/Titans feud that resulted in the trainers locking McNair out of the Titans' facilities:

"I didn't like to hear the way that went about," Manning said.

"Steve McNair is a guy I looked up to in college and is still a guy I admire. We play against him twice a year and have had some good battles. He plays it the right way.

Manning and McNair are friends. So, it's no surprise that he came to McNair's defense.

Manning is also good friends with Tom Brady, a fact Patriots fans have a hard time wrapping their bitter little minds around. Perfect Peyton and Tom Terrific teamed up recently to get a rule changed. They got several quarterbacks, including McNair and Brett Favre, to sign a petition requesting that QBs get to use their own footballs when throwing on the road. It's a rule that actually makes sense, and it was passed by the NFL. The funny part about this is if Manning had done this on his own, every media outlet in Boston would be bashing him senseless for trying to change the rules again in order to win a Super Bowl. But, because Tommy Boy is part of the petition, not a peep from the usual Boston Kool Aid drinkers. Typical Patriots fans.