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Mock Draft

Our friend WCG over at WindyCityGridiron is conducting a first round mock draft. We've gotten up to #10, with Vince Young getting drafted at #10 by the Rams. Anyone can participate. You simply go to WindyCityGridiron, create an account on the site (it's free), and post a comment in one of the mock draft news posting. In that comment, you can name the player, the team, and a three sentence reason why that team should pick that player. You can post for any team that hasn't picked in the first round (I requested to pick the Colts).

Here's the Mock Draft thus far:

Houston- Reggie Bush
New Orleans- D'Brickashaw Ferguson
Tennessee- Matt Leinart
NY Jets- Mario Williams
Green Bay- A.J. Hawk
San Francisco- Vernon Davis
Oakland- Jay Cutler
Buffalo- Winston Justice
Detroit- Tre Hill
Arizona- Haloti Ngata
St. Louis- Vince Young

Cleveland is on the clock...