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Once again: Bob Kravitz = total boob

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Proof writers make crap up in order to stir controversy that doesn't exist. This is from Bob Kravitz's Monday evaluation of Colts first round draft pick Joseph Addai, and how he can replace Edgerrin James:

It would be unfair to call him [Edgerrin James] a product of the system, or to compare him to the many running backs who've gone for more than 1,000 yards running behind the Denver Broncos' offensive line. But just as James was always able to turn a two-yard gain into a six-yarder, he was also inclined to take a potential 25-yarder and turn that into a six-yarder.

Polian, in fact, made that point this weekend, a point that will not sit well with James once he's apprised of the following remark.

"He (Addai) is what we haven't had here in a while in terms of taking an eight-yard run that's blocked and turning it into a 22-yard run,'' Polian said. "He can do that.''

An accurate assessment? Yes.

An unnecessary, if mild shot at James? Yes, that, too.

All Polian really needs to do is be absolutely right about this kid. It was his choice to let James leave. It was his choice to leave the job to his new draftee -- and don't tell me how Dominic Rhodes, an undrafted free agent, is going to emerge from training camp as the starter.
Um, how is Polian saying James doesn't break big runs a knock on James? Why would Edgerrin take offense to that, considering he hasn't broken a run over 60 yards since his rookie year?

What is up with this loser that he has to write this mindless drivel? I mean seriously, who really thought Polian's quote was a knock on Edge? Polian recently called James a bonafide Hall of Famer, no question about it.

This is the kind of silly, ticky-tac crap I expect from children on a playground: Billy told Michael that Hilary said Angie has big shoes. That means she's ugly and smells like turds.

The fact that the Star pays this yutz Kravitz a six figure salary to write this nonsense is proof that intelligence and insight are not requirements to write about sports at the Gannett-owned Indianapolis Star.