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Recap of rookie mini-camp

Bob Lamey, on, has some good information on the Colts rookie camp available. Lamey does a radio show, Colts Drive Time, on Sports Radio 1260 in Indianapolis every Wednesday. has the show up in their multimedia section. Here's some bits of information that are interesting:

  • Dom Rhodes is considered the starting runningback.
  • Joseph Addai looked very good at camp. The coaches were very impressed.
  • Everyone seems very high on T.J. Rushing, the Colts' 7th round pick. Rushing is a return specialist. Lamey says Rushing will compete with some unnamed free agent rookies to return punts and kicks.
  • The Colts will carry a third QB into games this year. They are high on rookie free agents Josh Betts and David Koral. Both did well at rookie camp. Betts used to backup Ben Rothlisberger at Miami of Ohio. He claims Peyton Manning is the best QB in the league, and top 10 all time.
  • No mention of Tim Couch and his supposed workout.

Lamey also has a good interview with former Colt Chris Hinton, who played guard and tackle for the Colts in the 1980s. Hinton played for three teams, and got lots of publicity playing for Atlanta. However, he considers the Colts his team.