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What position will Marlin play?

It seems Dungy and company still don't know if they will move Marlin Jackson to safety next season. Jackson played much of last season as the nickel corner, which means he played a lot. The Colts utilize the nickel package almost as much as their base 4-3 alignment. I imagine this has to be a little frustrating for Marlin.

Also, in the Colts multimedia section, there is a download available which features an interview with Bill Polian shortly after the draft. He talks about utilizing a two-back set with Addai and Rhodes. This approach is what we've been advocating for some time. Dungy says the Colts offense utilizes a single back best. I say hogwash! Utilizing both Rhodes and Addai early (aka, splitting carries equally) will help keep both backs available for any playoff runs. Rhodes has a histroy of durability problems, especially with his right shoulder. Addai is a rookie, and most rookies are only good for about 10 games. After 10, they hit "the wall." Their bodies just aren't conditioned yet for a full 16 games, plus playoff games. Reference Tampa Bay's Carnell "Cadillac" Williams last year. Gruden ran him into the ground, and come playoff time he had no gas left. He also missed several games to injury.

Splitting carries between Addai and Rhodes, with just a dash of Kory Chapman, and the Colts ground game will be just fine.

The interview with Polian is the 5/3/06 Colts Drive Time audio file.