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Weekend mini-camp

Joseph Addai and Peyton Manning are already working plays. Addai has spent the last week studying the Colts offense.

He didn't go on vacation.

He didn't press the league so that he can wear his college number during NFL games.

He was learning the offense and working with his quarterback.

The Colts mandatory mini-camp for veterans and rookies is this weekend. At camp, we will most likely get an answer to the "Marlin Jackson at safety?" question. We will also see Addai and Rhodes paired. It will be interesting to see if they have sets with them in the backfield together. Other interesting tidbits might involve Wayne Gandy moving into the starting line-up at guard, or possibly seeing last year's RT Ryan Diem moved back to guard, and having a rookie like Michael Toudouze try his hand at RT.

The Colts must do something to address their wretched guard play of last season. If Scott and Lija are starting opening day, that is not good.

The only players who will not attend camp are two rookies: QB David Koral and KR T.J. Rushing. They have final exams to attend.