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More Mini-Camp News

Adam Vinatieri is fitting in quite nicely with his new team. Vinatieri has been a constant presence at off season workouts, which started last month. This is a welcome change from Vanderjagt, who is usually playing more golf this time of year than actually working on his ability to kick the ball.

Having a kicker working so hard on conditioning really does set a tone for the team. I mean, if the friggin' kicker is working as hard as Manning, Harrison, and Freeney, that sends a clear signal to the rookies and younger guys to get it in gear.

In other news, Addai continues to impress:

Top draft pick Joseph Addai appears to be making a rapid adjustment to the NFL. The first-year running back from LSU displayed a bit more quickness in Saturday's two practices, which Dungy credited to an improving comfort level in learning the Colts' complicated offense.

"It's just being a little more comfortable with the snap count and what we do. But he was very encouraging [Saturday]," the Indianapolis coach said. "I thought he was a little more sure of himself and a little more sudden in what he did. He was going maybe with a little more, just knowing what he was doing."

Addai has been impressive through the first three practices at catching the football, a trait that should earn him high marks from offensive coordinator Tom Moore and quarterback Peyton Manning.

If Addai progresses and Vinatieri kicks like the money player he has always been, the Colts could indeed be scary good in this season.

Update [2006-5-21 12:22:58 by BigBlueShoe]:

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