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Rumor: Jim Sorgi might be done

Supposedly, Adam Schecter of the NFL Network reported last night that Colts back-up QB Jim Sorgi might have a torn rotator cuff. If he does, his season (and possibly his career) is over. Most QB do not come back from torn rotator cuffs.

Again, the torn rotator cuff angle is a rumor. We'll keep on top of it should it prove true. I am a big Sorgi fan, and I hope this is only a silly rumor.

In other news, the Colts plan to make no changes to the way they will rush the passer next year, despite the new league rules protecting QBs from hits below the knees. Contrary to what some people think, this is not a rule issued in response to the Colts smacking around Byron Leftwich in week two last year. It was in response to the Steelers/Bengals playoff game last year. The NFL took one look at Kim von Oelhoffen's low hit on Carson Palmer in the playoffs and said (in their best Bill Lumbergh voice): Yeah, um, we should make that illegal.

The Colts were the second least penalized team in football last season. They only had two roughing the passer calls called against them:

The Colts last season were called for roughing-the-passer penalties twice, tying them for the fewest such penalties in the NFL. One was called on linebacker David Thornton in an early-season victory over San Francisco, a penalty Dungy said shouldn't have been called. The other was on defensive tackle Larry Tripplett against the San Diego Chargers, a play on which Dungy said Tripplett threw the quarterback to the ground after he had released the ball.
I remember the Thornton call. It was a total joke.