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The 2006 Draft: Recap of Colts Picks in Rounds 5 and 6

The Colts did not have a pick in the 4th round, but made the most of their 5th and 6th round picks by addressing, in my mind, the biggest need on the team aside from runningback: improved offensive guard play.

Jake Scott and Ryan Lilja were terrible in the playoff loss to Pittsburgh. Steelers defensive coordinator Dick Lebeau took one look at those two meatheads and said to himself, we can blitz these guys. And blitz they did. Manning was sacked five times in that game, and pressured on every throw. Yet, right on cue, every moron pundit from Terry "The Clown" Bradshaw to Fat Lenny blamed Manning for the playoff loss, and then claimed he "threw his offensive line under a train" when Manning said there were "protection issues" during the game.

Polian knew the guards needed upgrading, and Michael Toudouze and Charlie Johnson have strong potential.

Round five, pick #62: Michael Toudouze, OG Texas Christian
Round six, pick #94: Charlie Johnson, OT OK State

The Colts use a specfic system when it comes to the offensive line: draft quick, solid technique players and coach them up. Line coach Howard Mudd is the best in football. If you can't succeed with him coaching you, you suck. Both Toudouze and Johnson have quick feet and get off the ball fast. Toudouze is an especially good "seal blocker," meaning he seals a defensive lineman or linebacker well on the move. With the type of blocking scheme the Colts use, where the guards do a great deal of pulling, this will utilize Toudouze's strengths.

If Toudouze has a strong training camp, he will start over Jake Scott.