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My bet with Chad

Chad is regular poster at WCG's Chicago Bears blog, Windy City Gridiron. Chad is very opinionated, like me. Unlike me, he thinks the Colts drafting Joseph Addai was a bad idea. I think he's wrong.

So, like gentlemen, we placed a friendly bet (that doesn't involve money we both don't have). The bet states that Addai must rush for or close to 1,000 yards and score 10 TDs during the regular season. Should I win, Chad must post a diary here and on Windy City praising my genius and stating the Colts are the greatest team in the universe. Should I lose, I must post diaries here and on Windy City praising and celebrating all that is Chad.

WCG is the moderator. We've created a Joseph Addai stat tracker along the left side of the blog to keep track of his regular season stats.

May the best (and smartest) man win.