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Marlin stays at corner, and more news

It seems our suspicions were correct. Marlin Jackson will remain at cornerback for the 2006 season. This is a very positive development for two reasons:

  1. Marlin is probably the Colts' best corner. Moving him to safety leaves a hole in the secondary.
  2. Keeping him there means Dungy is happy with his stable of safeties. He has never felt comfortable with Mike Doss, but with guys like Bob Sanders, Matt Giordano, Gerome Sapp, Dexter Reid, and this rookie they are high on, Antoine Bethea, Dungy feels good about his safeties.
In other news, the Colts radio game broadcasts have been on WFBQ (Q95) radio for ages. That will change next year, as the Colts will be broadcasted on WIBC and HANK-FM. Most likely, broadcaster Bob Lamey will switch stations, as he works directly for the Colts and not one radio station. Lamey takes some grief from some Colts fans, but I never understand why. He has a good voice and he articulates games very well. His call for Manning's record breaking TD to Brandon Stokely in 2004 was awesome. I do find it funny that when something bad happens in the game, there is always a 2 to 3 second delay from Lamey. You can tell he's pissed.

Finally, as if there was any doubt as to who the best wide receiver is in football, Kirkendall at CincyJungle posted a chart from ESPN's K.C. Joyner showing who has the "best hands" in football. Guess who was number 2 on the list?

That's right, Mr. Marvin Harrison.

He caught 82 passes last season, and of those thrown to him he only dropped 4. Cincy's T.J. Houshmandzadeh, a very good WR, was number 1. He only dropped 3 passes. T.J. did, however, have one fumble lost last year. Marvin Harrison did not fumble at all. Interesting how this stat did not enter into Joyner's evaluation. Plus, Marvin caught more passes than T.J., and had more thrown to him. So, in Stampede Blue's mind, this makes Marvin "The Best Hands in the NFL." We are, of course, not biased at all.

Reggie Wayne was 13 on the list. He only dropped 7. There was no Chad Johnson on the list. No Randy Moss. No Antonio Gates. No Hines Ward. Harrison and Wayne are the best wide receiver tandem in pro football. One is a HoFer, and one has the potential to be a HoFer.